Animal World USA-International Newsmagazine

Animal World USA newsmagazine actively educates and advocates for animal welfare through our free  seasonal publication. The publication along with community outreach and coalition-building  provides in the care of the lives of  animals.

Artists from all around the world create the  beautiful covers that have become a signature of the  publication. 
The free publication, once monthly and now seasonal is made available widely to communities including to libraries, schools,  leaders and events during our AWUSA Weeks for the Animals celebrations.

Increasingly AWUSA is receiving requests from educators, librarians , non-profit organizations, children's museums, schools, and shelters for  their location and/or facility.  The variety of informative articles, pertinent information and inspirational stories will encourage your community to become involved to help and responsibly care for the animals.

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~Cover Art "Blue Jenny" by Marion Rose~