There are many ways to become involved and support the  animals  through Animal World USA International.  We as a planet collectively are becoming  aware that we are all connected in profound ways and can make a real difference for each other by one small or great  action. 

Promoting compassion, building awareness and working towards collaborative communities built on respect for and dependency on the biodiversity of all life is imperative to all of us. 

1. Share the AW USA-Int'l Weeks campaign 

If you know people who should be aware of our work, who might be potential partners or   supporters, please contact us. Share the campaign with family, friends and co-workers. See Contact Us page and/or visit

2. Donate

We survive through the generosity of  donors. To those of you who have already supported our work with a tax-deductible donation, we give thanks. For those who are in a position to send a donation, we would be grateful for any  support you are able to make at this time. Your donation is tax-deductible. 

3. Join the Animal World USA-International team!

You have the power to absolutely change the  history and increase animal welfare  in your state or country by becoming involved for a few hours each month. We are open to any and all ideas on how you can contribute your unique  talent.  Contact us.

4.  Connect With Others Around the World

If you would like to receive updates, please send us your name and email address. See contact page.

Also no matter where you live, please use social network sites to share the AW USA-Int'l Weeks for the Animals campaign. We are appreciative of any time you can help to grow what is increasingly becoming a movement.  We can inspire and give hope through educating others about the Weeks for Animals campaign with a  blog or short comment  to a story or a plea for assistance. 

5. Volunteer

If you would like to save lives by volunteering your time,  please contact us!  We need help in the following areas:

-AW USA Int'l Weeks for the Animals coordinators and managers:
-Social Networking

6. Sponsors and Partners

Animal World  USA-International  values our  partners highly. Some of our friends in the business community donate products, talent  or services, while others contribute financially to our life-saving events and campaigns. 

In exchange for your support, we are happy to provide your business or corporation with exposure via our websites,educational materials  and networking. 

Full sponsorship packages at various levels can also be created and designed,  featuring prominent placement of your logo and brand through  Animal World USA-International.

For more information about partnership or sponsorship at any level, please see contact page or email [email protected]

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