Together We All Can

*Encourage those in our communities to work together to implement  a greener way of living and  restore natural habitat for the planet's precious animals.

*Inspire  communities to understand that our  cultural, social, racial, religious and political diversity is to be celebrated daily as we work together for the greater good. 

*Build positive and sustainable relationships between business and all those in communities that will benefit the animals, people and the environment.

*Connect with each other in communities around the world to collectively create innovative  solutions, protect the environment  and improve the quality of life of all living beings for our current and future generations. 

*Provide community leaders the positive energy, important information and consistent encouragement that they need to bring about  key changes as decision makers. 

*Ensure that natural habitat, climate change awareness, green towns/villages/cities, clean water and bio-diversity are priorities given in communities around the world as we make   daily decisions which impact us all. 

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Animal World USA International Is Working 
With Communities To Celebrate Life, Solve Problems and Live in Harmony.

Animal World USA -International In the News

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1st Annual Tennessee Week for the Animals 2005

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2010 NY Week for the Animals Fall Fiesta in Central Park
New York Week for the Animals 2010
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